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Union Minister Chirag Paswan, while talking about his equation with actress-MP Kangana Ranaut, said, "Only good thing that happened to me after trying my luck in acting is that Kangana and I became really good friends." "That's one good thing we carried from that time," he added. Chirag and Kangana worked together in the 2011 film 'Miley Naa Miley Hum'.
short by Daisy Mowke / 10:54 pm on 17 Jul
Natasa leaves Mumbai with son Agastya amid rumours of divorce from Hardik
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Amid divorce rumours involving cricketer Hardik Pandya, actor-model Natasa Stankovic was seen leaving Mumbai with her son Agastya on Wednesday morning. Natasa appears to have departed for her parents' home in Serbia, as indicated by the 'home' emoji she used while sharing a photo of her suitcase on Instagram. "Maybe she is leaving India permanently," a social media user said.
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / 01:49 pm on 17 Jul
Vicky Kaushal shares his approach to resolving fights
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Vicky Kaushal in a recent podcast spoke about his approach during a fight with his partner. He stated that he is a 'distancer' and added, "It's not that I'm pushing it under the carpet. I process in that isolation, I'll come back to you and probably 9 times, I will be like, I was wrong."
short by System User / 07:11 pm on 17 Jul
We don't need comparisons: Lakshya on Kill and Mirzapur comparison
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Lakshya is riding high on the success of his recent film 'Kill'. He reacted to netizens calling 'Kill' superior to 'Mirzapur' and 'Animal'. He said, "I hate comparisons because while growing up, I have dealt with a lot of comparisons. It is not a good feeling. Even if I am better than them, I think we don't need comparisons."
short by System User / 01:47 pm on 17 Jul
The Ambani family brought two calves to Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding, a video of which was shared by singer Shreya Ghoshal on her Instagram handle. She wrote, "The cutest thing that happened in the last few days was this...Riddhi - Siddhi the cutest prettiest gaiyyas (calves)." "This is the most wholesome video I have seen," a user commented.
short by Udit Gupta / 03:33 pm on 17 Jul
Ranveer Singh took to Instagram on Wednesday to share a new picture from Anant Ambani and Radhika Merchant's wedding. The photo also features his wife, actress Deepika Padukone. "Just pure love...Anant & Radhika, God bless you both on this journey of blissful togetherness," he wrote. Anant and Radhika got married on July 12.
short by Daisy Mowke / 09:04 pm on 17 Jul
Photo of Aishwarya with Salman Khan at Ambani wedding is edited
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
The Ambani wedding is sure to go down in history as one of the major celebrations ever. While the internet could not stop gushing at their favourite stars, one particular photograph has garnered undue attention. The image, showing Salman Khan and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan sharing the frame, has gone viral. However, Newschecker found the viral image to be edited.
short by System User / 12:37 pm on 17 Jul
Stuntman falls 20 feet to his death on sets of Karthi's 'Sardar 2'
short by Anmol Sharma / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
A stuntman named Elumalai fell 20 feet to his death on the sets of Karthi's 'Sardar 2' in Chennai. The accident occurred on the second day of the shooting of the film. Elumalai, who was 54 years old, suffered internal haemorrhage after the fall. The shooting of the film has been halted.
short by Anmol Sharma / 05:20 pm on 17 Jul
KL Rahul, Athiya Shetty purchase ₹20 crore apartment in Mumbai
short by Daisy Mowke / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Cricketer KL Rahul and his wife Athiya Shetty have purchased an apartment in Pali Hill area in Bandra, Mumbai, for ₹20 crore, according to property registration documents accessed by The property measuring 3,350 sq ft is located on the second floor of Sandhu Palace building. They have paid stamp duty of ₹1.20 crore, according to the documents.
short by Daisy Mowke / 06:53 pm on 17 Jul
Watch: Ranbir Kapoor takes Raha to inspect new home
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Ranbir Kapoor is a dedicated father, overseeing final touches on their new family home with daughter Raha and partner Alia Bhatt. The renovated Krishna Raj bungalow, now an 8-story high-rise, will be ready for Diwali. Each family member has a dedicated floor, making it a special place for all.
short by System User / 04:21 pm on 17 Jul
A copy of a purported old FIR against Bigg Boss OTT 3 contestant and YouTuber Armaan Malik has surfaced, wherein he has been accused of drugging and raping an 11-year-old girl. According to the copy, Armaan, who was earlier known as Sandeep, was arrested in 2019 in connection with the case. The case was also filed against his wife Payal.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 07:35 pm on 17 Jul
Sonakshi Sinha on why she chose simple wedding with Zaheer Iqbal
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Sonakshi Sinha, who married her longtime boyfriend Zaheer Iqbal, was asked why she chose to have a simple wedding. Sinha explained that she and her husband always wanted a simple wedding and were clear about how they visualised their special day. She said, "I didn't want to take on any stress."
short by System User / 07:43 pm on 17 Jul
Malaika Arora has sparked dating rumours amid reports that she and Arjun Kapoor have broken up. She took to Instagram Stories to share some photos from her holiday in Spain. She seemingly shared a photo of a man, whose face was blurred. Earlier, a report had said she and Arjun have parted ways and their relationship has "run its course".
short by Daisy Mowke / 10:14 pm on 17 Jul
Abhishek Bachchan likes post on divorce amid separation rumours
short by Ankush Verma / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Abhishek Bachchan liked a social media user's post that discussed the difficulties of divorce and the increasing trend of 'grey divorces'. Abhishek's online activity comes just a few days after Aishwarya Rai's solo appearance at Anant Ambani's wedding sparked their separation rumours. Abhishek's like's notification was shared by the Instagram user on her Instagram Stories.
short by Ankush Verma / 10:19 pm on 17 Jul
Emma Roberts announces engagement to actor Cody John
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Emma Roberts has announced her engagement to fellow actor Cody John. The announcement came on July 16 through an Instagram post where Roberts shared a picture of herself with John, casually flaunting her engagement ring. The post was humorously captioned, "Putting this here before my mom tells everyone," followed by a heart emoji.
short by System User / 11:04 am on 17 Jul
Ajay Devgn, Jackie Shroff's Singham Again climax scene leaked
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
A video of Ajay Devgn and Jackie Shroff's Singham Again climax scene has been leaked. In the viral clip, it looks like Ajay's character arrested Jackie, who will be seen as the villain in the much-anticipated film. Jackie's character looks furious as he walks with Singham. Earlier, a BTS video of the actors' fight sequence was also leaked.
short by System User / 01:53 pm on 17 Jul
Stuntman dies after 20-feet fall on sets of Karthi's 'Sardar 2'
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Ezhumalai, a stuntman, died on the sets of Karthi's 'Sardar 2' on Wednesday. He fell from 20 feet while shooting an action sequence at Prasad Studios in Chennai. The cause of his death is said to be internal haemorrhage. The shoot of the film has been halted and an investigation is underway. 'Sardar 2' went on floors on July 15.
short by System User / 12:41 pm on 17 Jul
Devoleena expecting first child with Shanawaz: Reports
short by System User / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Actress Devoleena Bhattacharjee is expecting her first child with her husband, Shanawaz Shaikh according to a report from News18. Although the actress has not confirmed the news, the report claims she is pregnant but prefers to keep her personal life away from the limelight and does not want to announce it yet.
short by System User / 05:36 pm on 17 Jul
Hina Khan undergoes surgery after breast cancer diagnosis
short by Udit Gupta / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Hina Khan has undergone surgery, after being diagnosed with stage three breast cancer. In an Instagram Story, she wrote, "Being constantly in pain...Every single second. The person is smiling? Still in pain. The person doesn't mention it? Still in pain. The person says, 'I'm fine'. Still in pain." She also shared a note written to her by hospital staff.
short by Udit Gupta / 04:58 pm on 17 Jul
Sajid halts 'Sanki' due to Suniel's son Ahan's entourage cost: Report
short by Udit Gupta / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Film producer Sajid Nadiadwala has paused the production of Suniel Shetty's son Ahan Shetty's movie 'Sanki' due to the "high" entourage costs of the lead actor, Bollywood Hungama reported. The producer lost patience after he saw Ahan's entourage cost being billed to the production, the report claimed. Apparently, Suniel offered to help with the costs, the report said.
short by Udit Gupta / 01:50 pm on 17 Jul
Spent ₹27 cr on 'The Legend of...', recovered only ₹5 cr: Taurani
short by Udit Gupta / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Film producer Ramesh Taurani recalled how he suffered a huge financial loss after the release of the National Film Award-winning movie 'The Legend of Bhagat Singh', starring Ajay Devgn. In a chat with Showsha, he said, "It cost us ₹27 crore, and we only recovered ₹5 crore." Taurani said the ₹22 crore loss shook the entire economy of his company.
short by Udit Gupta / 04:37 pm on 17 Jul
Boring to film but people enjoy them: Gulshan on intimate scenes
short by Udit Gupta / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Gulshan Devaiah conducted a question-answer session on Reddit during which he responded to a user who asked him about his experience with filming intimate scenes. The user asked, "When you started out doing intimate scenes, how did you feel? How does it feel now." The actor responded, "Very boring as it was before. Only you guys like watching them."
short by Udit Gupta / 04:18 pm on 17 Jul
Dad contemplated suicide when he was jobless: Vicky Kaushal
short by Swati Dubey / on 17 Jul 2024,Wednesday
Actor Vicky Kaushal revealed that his father Sham Kaushal contemplated suicide as he was jobless "[Dad] had an MA in English literature, but he was still jobless. One day...he declared that he wants to die," Vicky told Raj Shamani. "[He] was willing to work as a sweeper even," Vicky added. Sham went on to become a renowned Bollywood action director.
short by Swati Dubey / 04:47 pm on 17 Jul
'Darr' action director Tinu Verma recalled what led to a fight between the film's lead actors Sunny Deol and Shah Rukh Khan. He said, "Sunny said he can't attack me from...front because I'm...naval officer...Shah Rukh said I'm not Shakti Kapoor...that I'll attack on...back. Sunny got so angry...that he had his hands in...pocket, he pushed his hands so hard...his pants tore."
short by Udit Gupta / 05:15 pm on 17 Jul
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