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Concerning: Musk on reports of Antifa planning to burn Tesla outlets
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 26 Nov 2022,Saturday
Elon Musk in response to a report on Antifa extremists planning to burn Tesla outlets following Twitter's ban on extremist groups, said, "Concerning." Andy Ngô, Editor-at-large for The Post Millennial, shared screenshots of Antifa's calls to action by a now-suspended account. "Incitement to violence will result in account suspension," Musk said replying to a tweet by Ngô on Antifa accounts.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 10:01 am on 26 Nov
Elon Musk shares pic of his bedside table showing two guns
short by Pragya Swastik / on 28 Nov 2022,Monday
The world's richest man Elon Musk on Monday took to Twitter to share a picture which he claimed was of his bedside table. The pictures showed two guns, a gun case with an American Revolutionary War painting and several cans of Diet Coke beverage. "There is no excuse for my lack of coasters," Musk said in a tweet.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:00 pm on 28 Nov
Polygon Co-founder Sandeep Nailwal said in a recent interview, "Folks in the industry referred to Indian founders like us as 'pa*****' - a derogatory and ethnic slur." Speaking about the 2018 bear market, Nailwal recalled how people who studied in Stanford were still able to raise funds. "There was a perception that Indians couldn't build software infrastructure companies," he added.
short by Hiral Goyal / 07:00 pm on 27 Nov
Theranos' 38-year-old Founder Elizabeth Holmes should serve out her time in a minimum-security women's prison camp in Texas, the judge who last week sentenced Holmes to more than 11 years in prison has proposed, a court filing showed. The Texas prison also offers frequent family visitation and college-level education. "Family visitation enhances rehabilitation," the judge said.
short by Ananya Goyal / 11:58 pm on 23 Nov
Amazon may settle two EU antitrust probes by end of 2022: Reports
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 26 Nov 2022,Saturday
Amazon might be able to settle two EU antitrust probes over how it uses rivals' sales data and whether it unfairly favors its own products by December, media reports said. The settlements will help Amazon avoid a fine of as much as 10% of its global turnover. The European Commission is likely to accept its binding proposals by 2022 end.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 07:33 am on 26 Nov
'Elon GOAT' crypto makers deliver $600,000 Musk statue to Tesla HQ
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 28 Nov 2022,Monday
Creators of the 'Elon GOAT' cryptocurrency have delivered a $600,000 Elon Musk statue to Tesla's headquarters in Austin. The sculpture features Musk's head on a goat riding a rocket. Elon GOAT Co-founder Ashley Sansalone said Musk's acknowledgment would "legitimize" the token. Sansalone's team plans to stay at Tesla's headquarters until Musk accepts it.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 01:09 pm on 28 Nov
SpaceX launches Eutelsat 10B mission from Cape Canaveral
short by Mansi Agarwal / on 23 Nov 2022,Wednesday
SpaceX on Tuesday launched Eutelsat 10B communications satellite from Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida. The satellite, launched using a Falcon 9 rocket, will provide internet service to air and sea traffic. The Elon Musk-led space company on Monday said weather was 20% favorable and delayed the launch to allow for additional pre-flight checkouts.
short by Mansi Agarwal / 01:53 pm on 23 Nov
Electric bike firm Zapp to go public via SPAC at $573 mn valuation
short by Mansi Agarwal / on 24 Nov 2022,Thursday
UK-based electric bike maker Zapp Electric Vehicles will merge with special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) CIIG Capital Partners II to get listed on Nasdaq. The combined entity will have an estimated post-money valuation of $573 million. Zapp said it will use the proceeds from the merger to bring its i300 scooter, which was first unveiled in 2018, to market.
short by Mansi Agarwal / 10:22 am on 24 Nov
I led Tesla Roadster's design, got an honorary degree for it: Musk
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 28 Nov 2022,Monday
Tesla CEO Elon Musk has responded to a tweet "reminding" people of Tesla Co-founders Marc Tarpenning and Martin Eberhard, and calling Musk "just a series-A investor who bought in". "I...led the design of...original Roadster. Eberhard was wealthy and could have risked his money, but was unwilling," Musk said. He added he received an honorary degree for his work on Roadster.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 06:56 am on 28 Nov
PayPal Co-founder Peter Thiel-backed GloriFi, which promoted itself as an "anti-woke" alternative to Wall Street, is closing itself down only about three months after it started operating. GloriFi laid off most of its workforce, Wall Street Journal had reported on Monday. The bank had opened in September after raising $50 million and was recently valued at $1.7 billion.
short by Ashley Paul / 12:42 am on 25 Nov
European digital insurance startup Wefox's CEO Julian Teicke, while commenting on the recent tech layoffs, told CNBC, "I'm a little disgusted by statements like, 'never miss a good crisis' [or] 'we have to cut the fat.'" "I believe that CEOs have to do everything in their power to protect their employees...These are humans," Teicke added.
short by Ananya Goyal / 02:55 am on 25 Nov
WeWork ex-exec's startup launches portable work pods in China malls
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Nov 2022,Friday
WeWork China's former executive Dominic Penaloza's startup Peace launched its first batch of portable work pods at three high-end malls and two office buildings last week in Shanghai. It aims to deploy 1,000 of them across the city in the coming year, Penaloza said. Each pod is 35 square meters big with a meeting table that fits four people.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 11:59 am on 25 Nov
S Korea among Tesla's top choices for Asian plant: Presidential office
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 26 Nov 2022,Saturday
Tesla CEO Elon Musk, in a video call with South Korean President Yoon Suk-yeol on Wednesday, said South Korea was among the firm's top candidate locations for an EV factory it plans to build in Asia, the presidential office said. Musk said Tesla would make a decision on the plant after reviewing investment conditions in other countries.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 01:08 pm on 26 Nov
Tesla working to integrate Dolby Atmos in its electric cars: Report
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
Tesla has been working with major record labels for months to bring Dolby Atmos to its electric cars, BGR reported citing a source. Over one million Teslas that are currently on the road will support Dolby Atmos, including all newly manufactured vehicles, once the software update rolls out. Earlier, reports also suggested Tesla could bring Apple Music integration soon.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 10:52 am on 27 Nov
We were lucky we took decision to layoff staff in May: Klarna CEO
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
Klarna CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski has said the firm's decision to fire employees in May, turned out to be "lucky" for Klarna and the affected employees. Siemiatkowski said Klarna tracked all those who lost their job, adding almost everyone has a job now. "If we would have done that today, that probably, unfortunately, would not have been the case," he added.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 02:18 pm on 27 Nov
SpaceX launches tomato seeds, pumpkin pie, candy corn to ISS
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
SpaceX on Saturday launched its Dragon cargo capsule carrying a pair of new solar arrays for the space station, dwarf tomato seeds and a range of science experiments to the ISS. Besides this, the capsule is also carrying treats for the astronauts on the space station, like ice cream, spicy green beans, cranberry apple desserts, pumpkin pie and candy corn.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 06:49 am on 27 Nov
TIME President Keith Grossman is leaving the publisher to take on a new role as the president of enterprise at crypto startup MoonPay, he announced on Monday. Grossman, who joined TIME in 2019, pioneered the company's NFT business, TIMEPieces. Before his three-plus years at TIME, Grossman held leadership posts at major publishers, including Bloomberg and Condé Nast-owned Wired.
short by Ananya Goyal / 07:00 pm on 28 Nov
New York-based Software as a Service (SaaS) startup Taktile, which helps businesses make automated decisions, said it raised $20 million in Series A funding. The round was co-led by Tiger Global and Index Ventures. Notably, the funding comes despite Tiger recently scaling back investments, targeting $6 billion for its next fund, half the size of its prior investment vehicle.
short by Ananya Goyal / 07:17 pm on 22 Nov
Tesla recalls over 80,000 local-made, imported cars in China
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Nov 2022,Friday
Tesla is recalling over 80,000 China-made and imported cars produced as early as 2013 over software and seat belt issues in China. Around 67,698 Model S and Model X cars imported between September 25, 2013-November 21, 2020, have been recalled due to software problems. Tesla has also recalled 10,127 China-made Model 3 cars over potentially faulty seat belt installation.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 11:48 am on 25 Nov
Ex-Twitter employees' frame and photo startup Aura raises $26 million
short by Ananya Goyal / on 23 Nov 2022,Wednesday
Aura, a startup founded by early Twitter employees that makes digital frames and photo sharing app, has raised $26 million in a mix of debt and equity led by Lago Innovation Fund. It had previously raised around $13 million in equity from investors including Spark Capital, SV Angel, Betaworks and DCVC. Aura has sold nearly 1 million frames to date.
short by Ananya Goyal / 01:39 am on 23 Nov
Vietnam's VinFast ships its first batch of 999 EVs to the US
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Nov 2022,Friday
Vietnam-based EV maker VinFast has said it has shipped its first batch of 999 cars to the US. The customers are expected to get the first cars by the end of December. US car subscription service Autonomy will get some of the VF 8 electric SUVs but the majority would go to retail buyers who have ordered the car.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 10:21 am on 25 Nov
Russian billionaire steps down as CEO of UK's electric van maker Arrival
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Nov 2022,Friday
Russian billionaire Denis Sverdlov has stepped down as the CEO of UK-based electric van maker Arrival. He will be replaced by Peter Cuneo, the former head of Marvel Entertainment until its sale to Disney. Sverdlov is swapping roles with Cuneo and will serve as chair of the board. Earlier, Arrival cut its workforce because it was running out of cash.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 02:13 pm on 25 Nov
Rivian celebrated its first international deliveries in Canada this week with a customer open house. "Our team loved meeting more than 1,500 area families, friends, kids and dogs and giving them a closer look at R1S and R1T," the EV maker wrote on Twitter. The automaker delivered both the R1S and R1T to Canadian employees.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 02:36 pm on 27 Nov
Billionaire investor George Soros triples his Tesla shares
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / on 25 Nov 2022,Friday
Billionaire investor George Soros has tripled the number of shares he holds in Tesla in the past months, a regulatory filing showed. Soros' Tesla stake was disclosed in the second quarter. At the time he held 29,883 shares. He now owns 89,647 Tesla shares through Soros Fund Management. The stake is currently valued at about $16.4 million.
short by Aishwarya Awasthi / 07:50 am on 25 Nov
Bionaut Labs raises $43.2 million for its drug-carrying micro-robots
short by Ananya Goyal / on 28 Nov 2022,Monday
Los Angeles-based Bionaut Labs, which designs remote-controlled micro-robots to deliver treatments to the midbrain, said it has raised $43.2 million in Series B funding. The round was led by Khosla Ventures. The funding will be focused on treatments for malignant glioma brain tumors and Dandy-Walker Syndrome, the startup said.
short by Ananya Goyal / 11:33 pm on 28 Nov
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