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England captain Harry Kane was spotted wearing a Rainbow Rolex Daytona worth $650,000 at 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar after pro-LGBTQI+ armband ban. The watch is composed of 36 sapphires and 56 diamonds that make up the LGBTQI+ flag. Earlier, Germany had all their players pose with hands covering their mouths as a sign of protest against the ban.
short by Anmol Sharma / 04:30 am on 26 Nov
Iran's football federation has sought to ban the US from the FIFA World Cup in Qatar after the US Soccer Federation displayed Iran's national flag without the emblem of the Islamic Republic in a social media post. The US said the flag was displayed as such in support of anti-hijab protesters while Iran said it 'offended the country's dignity'.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 04:30 am on 28 Nov
Around 2,500 people stripped naked to pose for US photographic artist Spencer Tunick at Sydney's Bondi Beach in an effort to raise awareness about skin cancer. Tunick collaborated with a charity in a bid to raise awareness about melanoma, Australia's fourth most common form of cancer. Tunick last directed a mass shoot in Sydney in 2010.
short by Ankush Verma / 04:30 am on 27 Nov
World's largest active volcano in Hawaii erupts; pic surfaces
short by Pragya Swastik / on 28 Nov 2022,Monday
An eruption began on Sunday night in Hawaii's Mauna Loa, the world's largest active volcano that rises 13,796 feet above the Pacific Ocean. "Currently, lava flows are contained within the summit area and are not threatening downslope communities," the US Geological Service's volcanic activity service said. However, the notification warned that the advance of lava flows can change rapidly.
short by Pragya Swastik / 06:49 pm on 28 Nov
During the US men's national soccer team's press conference, Iranian reporters accused the team's director of communications of "silencing them" by ignoring their raised hands. Iranian journalists were reportedly given a chance to ask one question. "I just want to point it out that the media officer...should respect international media," an Iranian journalist said.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 06:56 am on 28 Nov
Riots broke out in several Belgian cities after Morocco defeated Belgium 2-0 in their 2022 FIFA World Cup on Sunday. Several rioters set vehicles on fire and pelted cars with bricks. Belgian police detained a dozen people and made one arrest following the riots. In Brussels, several fans, some draped in Moroccan flags, were seen clashing with riot police.
short by Anmol Sharma / 11:32 pm on 28 Nov
A Twitter employee has said her working hours increased to over 75 per week because of mass layoffs after Elon Musk took over the company. Sinead McSweeney made the statement in an Irish court while seeking an injunction to block Twitter from firing her. Musk has given employees "mixed messages" and is leading Twitter "in an unorthodox manner," she added.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 12:22 am on 28 Nov
A visually-impaired Indian-American professor working at US' Columbia University Business School has been sued by a former student of the college for allegedly making her do "demeaning female jobs". Sheena Iyengar allegedly made Elizabeth Blackwell apply makeup for her, make restaurant appointments for her romantic dates, etc. Blackwell was employed as a research associate for Iyengar.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 12:43 am on 29 Nov
Queen Elizabeth had rare form of bone marrow cancer: Book
short by Ankush Verma / on 26 Nov 2022,Saturday
Queen Elizabeth II had a rare form of bone marrow cancer, a new biography has claimed. Gyles Brandreth, a friend of Prince Philip, made the claims about the late British monarch in the upcoming biography titled 'Elizabeth: An Intimate Portrait'. The book also claims the Queen suffered periods of low energy.
short by Ankush Verma / 07:00 pm on 26 Nov
Why are Chinese protestors holding up blank sheets of paper?
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
Chinese people protesting the strict COVID-19 restrictions are holding up blank sheets of paper to evade internet censorship or arrest. The latest protests were triggered by an apartment fire that killed 10 people in Urumqi. Some people had been locked down for as long as 100 days there, fueling speculation that the COVID-19 lockdown may have impeded residents' escape.
short by Pragya Swastik / 07:00 pm on 27 Nov
A couple in South Korea was arrested after being accused of hiding their dead infant in a plastic kimchi container for three years. Police in Pocheon in Gyeonggi province are investigating the parents of the 15-month-old infant. The baby's mother falsely claimed that she had abandoned it on a street.
short by Ankush Verma / 09:00 pm on 26 Nov
At least 12 missing following landslide on Italian island of Ischia
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
At least a dozen people went missing early on Saturday after heavy rainfall caused a landslide on the island of Ischia in Italy. As per reports, at least 10 buildings collapsed due to the landslide. "There are some difficulties in the rescue operations because the weather conditions are still challenging," Italian Interior Minister Matteo Piantedosi said.
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / 12:34 am on 27 Nov
Which cities in the world have the best public transit systems?
short by Pragya Swastik / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
Hong Kong has the world's best public transit system in terms of distance to public transit, affordability, operating hours, crowding and commute speeds, a study from the think tank Oliver Wyman Forum said. Hong Kong is followed by Zurich, Stockholm, Singapore, Helsinki, Oslo, Tokyo, Paris, Berlin and London. New York's public transit system ranked 13th worldwide and San Francisco's 16th.
short by Pragya Swastik / 10:32 pm on 27 Nov
Pic of 2-day-old baby killed by Russia shared by Ukraine
short by Arshiya Chopra / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
Ukraine's Defense Ministry has shared a picture of a two-day-old baby and his funeral after he was killed in Russian attack. "Serhiyko The youngest victim of russian terrorism. The baby lived for only two days. For each of our children, for each of our babies, our soldiers will fight their hardest on the battlefield," the ministry tweeted.
short by Arshiya Chopra / 07:00 pm on 27 Nov
North Korea intends to have the 'world's most powerful nuclear force', the country's supreme leader Kim Jong Un has said. The "ultimate goal" of North Korea's nuclear program is to have "the world's most powerful strategic force, the absolute force unprecedented in the century", he said. North Korea recently tested a missile capable of reaching the US mainland.
short by Sakshita Khosla / 09:14 pm on 27 Nov
Dog accidentally shoots owner dead after touching shotgun in Turkey
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / on 29 Nov 2022,Tuesday
A 32-year-old man died after he was accidentally shot by his pet dog during a hunting excursion in Turkey's Samsun Province over Thanksgiving weekend. The victim was reportedly putting the dog in the trunk of his car when its paw unintentionally touched the trigger of a loaded shotgun, causing the weapon to discharge. His body was sent for an autopsy.
short by Shreyasi Banerjee / 12:19 am on 29 Nov
South Korean actor Oh Yeong-su, who portrayed the role of Player 001 in Netflix's 'Squid Game', was indicted on sexual misconduct charges. The 78-year-old actor is alleged to have inappropriately touched a woman in 2017. "I apologized because [the person] said she wouldn’t make a fuss about it but it doesn’t mean that I admit the charges," the actor said.
short by Disha Jana / 10:54 pm on 25 Nov
The US is banning the sale and import of communications equipment made by Chinese companies Huawei and ZTE, citing an "unacceptable risk" to national security. Additionally, no new equipment by Dahua, Hikvision or Hytera will be approved unless they assure the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) that their gear won't be used for public safety or security of government facilities.
short by Disha Jana / 11:51 pm on 26 Nov
Twitter search results for '北京' (Beijing) and '上海' (Shanghai) are showing tweets about porn and gambling, obscuring content related to protests in China against its 'zero COVID' policy. Over 95% tweets in 'Beijing' search results are reportedly from spam accounts. "Chinese bots are flooding make access information about...protests," said tech analyst Mengyu Dong.
short by Ashley Paul / 08:12 pm on 28 Nov
US military reports rocket attacks on its patrol base in Syria
short by Athira Sasidharan / on 26 Nov 2022,Saturday
Two rockets targeted coalition forces at the US patrol base in al-Shaddadi in Syria on Friday, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said. "Attacks of this kind place coalition forces and the civilian populace at risk and undermine the hard-earned stability and security of Syria and the region," Colonel Joe Buccino, CENTCOM spokesman, said. No one was injured in the attack.
short by Athira Sasidharan / 04:37 pm on 26 Nov
US allows oil firm Chevron to resume some activity in Venezuela
short by Ananya Goyal / on 27 Nov 2022,Sunday
The US Treasury Department on Saturday said it'd allow California-based Chevron to resume limited oil extraction operations in Venezuela. The announcement came after Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro's government and the opposition announced a humanitarian agreement on education, health and other social issues. The decision was not a reaction to high global oil prices, said an official.
short by Ananya Goyal / 10:41 pm on 27 Nov
Mexican prosecutors have sought the extradition of a US national suspected of killing a 25-year-old US tourist who was vacationing at a resort in San José del Cabo last month. The victim, Shanquella Robinson, was allegedly beaten to death by the suspect, who hasn't been identified. Robinson's autopsy report revealed she died of a severe spinal cord or neck injury.
short by Disha Jana / 02:11 am on 26 Nov
A Kentucky woman was reunited with her octogenarian Australian father after 50 years using a DNA test kit she'd purchased in 2019. Nancy Galloway embraced her father, Alan Freedman, at Louisville airport earlier this month, when he arrived there to celebrate Thanksgiving with her. Galloway was able to trace Freedman after DNA results returned with a match on a website.
short by Disha Jana / 07:28 pm on 26 Nov
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